Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Partial postback in IE7 and Firefox but full postback in IE6

I have a peculiar problem with ajax page not working the same way on IE6 (service pack 2) and on IE7 and Firefox…

IE7 and Firefox works perfectly and I have no complains but whenever I tried to run the page from other computers on the network (with IE6.0) the edit controls and listboxes blink when there is a partial postback which led me to suspect that maybe there is a problem with the java script and full postback is being performed.

I have not posted the code for the page because it's rather generic. I have Tab Control from ajaxtoolkit on the top of the page that switches panes with various edit boxes and list boxes and other common controls. And there is also a timer control within the update panel that triggers updates once a while (10s).

One last thing to note is that I have a listbox tool tip feature done in javascript that is also not displaying right or should I say at all except for some weird stuff sort of showing on the screen - a white outline of sorts of the tooltip. And this is all for IE6.0. Firefox is also not displaying the tooltip but that's not conerns the project since it is directed to work under IE.

Like I said IE7 (and somewhat Firefox) work perfectly…

Any help is appreciated.



I guess you're just experiencing typical IE6 flickering. If you have "Check for newer versions of stored pages" set to "every visit" you should set it to something else. The problem may still be there though.

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