Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PageMethods dont regenerate on file change?

If I define a new page method or change an existing page method I have to restart my dev server to see the change in the generated javascript (page prototype)? anyone else having this problem?



Without any valuable information, it is hard to say where the problem lies on.

Please provide any more information,eg. any code of this.


Hi Craigw,

It seems like a cache issue rather than a IIS issue. So I suggest you to save your web.config file without any modifications and have a test. If it works, we can confirm it.

Also you can delete all the cache file or do the following steps. open the IE -->Tools-->Internet Options-->General Dialog-->Browswer History-->Settings-->select "Every time I visit the webpage".

I hope this help. If it doesn't work, please feel free to let me know with more information.

Best regards,


This problem has been quite annoying for some time. Can you please confirm if it has been identified and whether a fix will be available?

It happens on the server (Win 2003 R2) as well as on developer PCs (Cassini). Restarting the web server does the trick as well as re-saving web.config. It's quite easy to reproduce (and yes, I have enbaled PageMethods in the ScriptService tag...)

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