Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PageMethod called within User Control (ascx)

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I am trying to call a PageMethod on an AutoComplete extender within an ascx (user control). I am able to do so when the extender sits directly on an ASPX (web form) but would like to reuse the component.

I know to decorate the method with [WebMethod] and [ScriptMethod] attributes and also to make the method static. I know, too, that the parameter names must match the expected signature.

Is it possible to place Page Methods within User Controls or do they have to sit on ASPX pages?

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I have seen a couple of blog posts saying no and I was trying to do something similar last night and couldn't make it work. I would really perfer the AutoComplete extender and the NumericUpDown extender to have the option to fire events or at least non static methods but I don't think that will be possible under the current Ajax setup.

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