Monday, March 26, 2012

PageRequestManager updatePanelIds issue


I'm trying to use and update panel on a page that uses a master page. I've noticed that the uniquePanelId's in the pageRequestManager xml-script are separated by ":" not by "$". Because of this atlas is not finding my update panel.

1. Is there a setting I'm missing that determines what the separator is?

2. If not the above is there a way to modify the atlas.js function uniqueIdtoClientId to include the ":" character? right now the code is:

function uniqueIDToClientID(uniqueID) {return uniqueID.replace(/\$/g,'_');


3. Or any other suggestions.

This only seems to happen when I use a master page.

Has anyone ever come up for a soluation to this problem?

I'm running into it with an update panel being on a user control.

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