Monday, March 26, 2012

PageMethods vs UpdatePanel


I am a big fan of using 'Update Panels'. Not because of the only simplicity but also bcoz of my belief on the AJAX framework.

Also Scott G has kept on introdcueicng lots of new features in UpdatePanel in Orcas/S 2008

But,still lots of architects do say that, PageMethods[] are moreefficient than Update Panels.
Here is the link - ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanels are dangerous.

Afterreading the page, I am quite suspicious on Update Panel and now thinkthat really PageMethods saves perfomance overhead.But at the same time,simply by going thru few pages, accepting the same seems to be quiteimpractical.

Please let me know, is really PageMethods are moreefficient than UpdatePanel. If yes, then please list me the things thatcannot be done using PageMethods, which can be done by UpdatePanel.



take a look at the video byJoe Stagner

How Do I: Choose Between Methods of AJAX Page Updates?

It will show you the big diference...

And the response by the WebMethod, give you the freedom to manipulate and interact with the HTML elements (UI) way you want ..

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