Monday, March 26, 2012


PageRequestManagerParserErrorException - The Message recevied from the server could not be parsed...

I'm using 2.0 with ajax.

I'm getting that error on page that have updatepanel. the page include master page.

I'm not using Response.Write,Output Caching,Response Filters, HttpMoudle, Server.Transfer

also i add the following attributes

enabeEventValidation="false"Trace="false"ValidateRequest="false" to the page.

the error Occur on some client mechine, after i publish my web site.

it is not occur on my mechine.

what else can I do?

Have you taken a look at this blog? There is also this blog, with this comment by Don Ebert:

"FYI I had the same issue and did everything nothing worked. Then I un-checked REMOVE UNKNOWN HEADERS via the firewall and bang, everything worked. It's possible every1 is looking into it to much. "


Thanks a lot. Its Ok now.

Glad you got it working, please mark my last post as the answer if it helped you.


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