Monday, March 26, 2012

PageRequestManagerParserErrorException caused by Response diddling?

I am porting an old app that downloads a csv file by writing into Response.OutputStream when a button is pushed on the form. The button is contained in an asp:Panel that can be made visible or not, so the Panel needs to be contained in the UpdatePanel.

If the asp:Panel and button are in an update panel, I get PageRequestManagerParserErrorException. If the panel and button are NOT in an UpdatePanel, the download works okay, but of course, I lose the ability to show/hide the asp:Panel.

My question is--is there a way to have a button in an UpdatePanel, but tell it NOT to participate in partial page rendering?

Or is there a better way to do the download??



Hi Rlparker,

If you want a button not to participate in partialrendering then you have to make sure that you the button as a postback trigger. This will make sure that the button will act normally as a normal button event. See:

Hope this helps.



"you have to make sure that you the button as a postback trigger"

you have to make sure that you define the button as a postback trigger




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