Monday, March 26, 2012

PageRequestManagerServerErrorException error code 403 and 502


Im having troubles like that but the error code is different.

im getting the error codes 502 and 403, i have no idea what does they mean... also on some computers, users can work on it for hours, and the message never apears..

and on another few computers, it apears as soon as the page loads, when the user comes back to the page, in the middle of the function, apparentli as random as it can be...

also, i have no login or user authentication on the page, and really have read al the forums but have no idea why or what does the error means... not even what causes it...

Heeeeelp im drownin!!!Can you provide details about your code...
So that it will be helpful to solve the problem..

Well, my code is an updatepanel, whith a common panel inside...

as soon as some values are selected in some dropdowns outside the updaqte panel, the panel, inside de update panel turns visible and a gridview is filled.

this gridview has buttons, and when a buton is pressed, the row is transferes to another grid view.

finally, the selected rows are sendt to another page.

but the strange part is that the problem apears only on some computers, and not on particular events, like just pressing a button or displayn a drop down...

the error comes randomly on those computers...

hope someone can help me

Check this url

GridView inside UpdatePanel not supported fully

well i dont guess that the gridvie is the problem... because in most of the computers at the ofice, the error is never displayed... but ive ad no luck on solving the reason for that...

any other ides?


I am having problems and errors very similar to what you describe here. Have you ever found a cause and/or resolution?


That is a very interesting link to a post, in that it attributes these problems to having Trace enabled. I checked my code, and although I have many Trace.Warn statements throughout my code, Trace is explicitly disabled on all the pages where there is a Trace attribute in the @.Page directive.

Thanks anyways, but I am still searching for an answer to these problems my site is having.


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