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PageMethod in ASP.NET


Can anyone tell me what is PageMethod in .NET

How can I implement PageMethod in my Project.

Any help is greatly appreciated.If anybody has link related to PageMethod, please provide me the link...


I believe you're refering to a page method, a method contained in the Page class usually used for handling events that happen on or with the page (ie. Page Load, Render, Button Click, etc.)


A PageMethod that is similar to WebService..

The difference is that we dont need to make asmx page for pageMethod.It can be done in your aspx pages

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Check this out:

Thanx DotNetGuy121

It helps me but can u give me some more link..

I wanto to use this in my project. So i want to study something more about PageMethods...

Thanx a lot once again


Use the ASP.NET AJAX DynamicPopulate Extender

Watch a demonstration of using the ASP.NET AJAX DynamicPopulate extender to dynamically populate an area of a web page with the results of an asynchronous call to a web method.

This should help some more.


Can anyone tell me something more about PageMethod in AJAX

Thanx in advance



Please refer to this article:

Another interesting alternative to building a complete .asmx file for your Web service methods is to embed the Web service methods directly in the page class. If it doesn't make sense to build a complete Web service endpoint for the methods you want to call, you can expose a Web method from your page that is callable from client-side JavaScript by adding a server-side method to your page (either directly in the page or in the codebehind) and annotating it with the WebMethod attribute. You will then be able to invoke it via the client-side object PageMethods. The example in Figure 3 shows the stock quote service sample rewritten to be entirely contained in a single page instead of split into a separate Web service.

Bear in mind that these client-side proxies can only be generated from ASP.NET .asmx endpoints, Windows Communication Foundation .svc endpoints, or WebMethods embedded directly in a page, and are not a general mechanism for calling arbitrary Web services. In fact, there is a general restriction on the underlying XmlHTTPRequest object that requests be restricted to the same domain from which the page was loaded (for security reasons), so this technique could not be used to call arbitrary Web services regardless of whether the client-side proxies supported it. If you do find the need to call external Web services, your best bet is to set up a bridge .asmx endpoint in your own application that calls into a .NET proxy class (generated with wsdl.exe or Add Web Reference in Visual Studio) for the external Web service.

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