Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PageMethods is not defined - Modal Popup

Just upgraded from RC1 to the RTM copy of AJAX and found everything is working for me (with the normal changes to the AutoCompleteExtender) except for my modal popups.

When I attempt to use the client side java script, I get a javascript error:

"PageMethods is not defined."

Here is my JavaScript code:

function myModalPop(regID){ $get("hidRegID").value = regID; PageMethods.popModal(regID, Add_Complete, Add_Timeout, Add_Error);}

and the code behind is:

[System.Web.Services.WebMethod]public static string[] popModal(string regID) { gcmControl DSsend =new gcmControl(); DataSet dsMet =new DataSet(); dsMet = DSsend.gcmDS(dsMet,"SQL","dbAll","SELECT * FROM dbo.tblFinRegister WHERE regID = '" + regID +"' AND clubID = '" + clubID +"'","tblFinRegister"); DataTable tblFinRegister = dsMet.Tables["tblFinRegister"]; DateTime dtRegDate = Convert.ToDateTime(tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["regDate"]);string regDate = dtRegDate.ToString("d");string payeeID = lookupPayee(Convert.ToInt32(tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["payeeID"]));string chartID = tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["chartID"].ToString();string regNumber = tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["regNumber"].ToString();string regPayment;if (tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["regPayment"].ToString() =="0.00") { regPayment =""; }else { regPayment = tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["regPayment"].ToString(); }string regDeposit;if (tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["regDeposit"].ToString() =="0.00") { regDeposit =""; }else { regDeposit = tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["regDeposit"].ToString(); }string regRecon = tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["regRecon"].ToString();string regMemo = tblFinRegister.Rows[0]["regMemo"].ToString();return new string[] { regDate, payeeID, chartID, regNumber, regPayment, regDeposit, regRecon, regMemo }; }
Any suggestions would be fantastic.The way the Toolkit calls page methods is such that no changes are necessary from ASP.NET AJAX RC to 1.0. However, if you're using the ASP.NET AJAX PageMethods wrappers, they made a breaking change such that you now need to set EnablePageMethods=true on your ScriptManager in order to call PageMethods like it seems you're doing above.

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