Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Page with update panel doesnt show correct information when I back into the page

I have this page that I'd like to use update panels on. There are three controls on the page. I'd like to have the first dropdown control fire a second dropdown and then that one fire a gridview. I'd like the 2nd dropdown and the gridview to be in update panels. So when a user makes a general category selection in the first dropdown, the 2nd one will list the more specific categories (those related to the first dropdown selection) and then when the user picks a more specific category the gridview is filled with with data specific to that 2nd more specific category. I've got this all working fine. The the user clicks the "details" link in the gridview and they see full details about their selection from the gridview. But then when they click the "back" button in their browser, it takes them back to the page with the 2 dropdowns and the gridview but it's not in the state they left it. Ideally, they should see the same thing they saw before they clicked the "details" link.... their first selection int he first dropdown, their more specific category in the 2nd dropdown and the gridview filled with info relating to that 2nd dropdown. But that's not what I get. What am I missing?


well, you're not missing anything. it's simply the way ajax pages work. i think that you should take a look at the history control available on the future bits

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