Monday, March 26, 2012

PageRequestManagerParserErrorException in my AJAX Web Page

Hi All,

I have started to get this intermittent error when I try to open my web site. The starting page uses the Accordion AJAXToolKit Control and a couple of update panels. I noticed that the PageRequestManagerParserErrorException error does not occur every time. Has anyone encountered this error and figured out the solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance


See this article:

Great thanks. That helped me out. For others benefit I will just post a short blurb of the problem and the resolution. To start with the URL above is very informative.

The problem was that I am using a login control where the user enters the username and password and logs into my website. In my Login Control I had set the DestinationPageUrl to the page I wanted to display after the user was successfully logged in. The problem was occuring when that page was being displayed as it has a few update panels and I guess the client browser was receiving html that it did not know how to render. Thus the ParseRequestManagerParserErrorException.

Resolution: I changed my code to handle the "LoggedIn" event of the Login Control. I do an explicit Response.Redirect to display the page I want to display. This fixed the problem.

I am wondering if the Login Contol does a Server.Transfer instead of response.redirect. I know that the URL above mentions that a Server.Transfer can cause the problem to occur. Anywho I am happy :)


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