Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Initial Load

Does anyone know how does the initial "Loading..." progress when you first go I would like to be able to set a page to show a "Loading..." progress panel when users first go to the page.

I second that request - it may be flash, but it certainly is cool.

Also cool is the little dashes when you move a control around (denoting the size).

I also really wish the Atlas Tools team would come up with an RSS reader that was as robust as PageFlakes.

Well as far as I understood was done in Atlas that's why I was asking how they did the initial "loading" because I was hoping someone may be able to explain how to do something like that with Atlas.
I'm pretty sure they're using an UpdateProgress control with an animated GIF file. I'm also pretty sure that the GIF is included in the Atlas sample applications.
But how do you use an UpdateProgress control with the initial load of a page and not a PostBack--also, how did they make it so the UpdateProgress control replaces all of the UpdatePanels while loading?

Look at my thread here:

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