Wednesday, March 21, 2012

partial postback doing full postback - bug in ATLAS ?

theres no rhyme or reason, but my partial postback button often does full postbacks and then reverts to partial postbacks for no apparent reason...

I can't find anything on this and was suggested that this is a bug in the current release of ATLAS. Does anyone have any idea on this ?

I'm bashing my head trying to figure this one out ..

Thanks very much



well, that is strange. do you have a simple demo page that reproduces this?

I'm sorry I don't have one at this time ... =[ I could get it online if you think its crucial to see it to help diagnose

any ideas ?

thanks very much

well, we have to see the server side code to help you diagnoise. an online sample doesn't give us that.

The actual code doesnt really show too much but here it is anyways

I'm really lost on where to go from here. Anyone have any ideas ? I was so psyched about using ATLAS but it's pretty frustrating not being able to get past this point.

Thanks again,





<divstyle="background-color: Yellow; float: left; width: 100px;">


<asp:ButtonID="FullPostBackButton"runat="server"text="Full Post Back"OnClick="FullPostBackButton_OnClick"/>




<divstyle="background-color: Lime; width: 100px;">


<asp:ButtonID="PartialPostBackButton"runat="server"text="Partial Post Back"OnClick="PartialPostBackButton_OnClick"/>






Please wait... </ProgressTemplate>



PublicSub FullPostBackButton_OnClick(ByVal senderAsObject,ByVal eAs EventArgs)

FullPostBackLabel.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString()


PublicSub PartialPostBackButton_OnClick(ByVal senderAsObject,ByVal eAs EventArgs)

PartialPostBackLabel.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString() &"Partial"



this is weird. i tried running your page in an empty atlas site and it worked without anyproblems...have you tried running this page in a site created through the atlas template?

No I haven't as this is a pretty large web application that needs to have atlas running on it. I don't think theres a problem with the code either, something to do with integration but no idea where to start. I've tried things such as removing flash from the page and javascript ads.... Still no luck ....

Any ideas?

Thanks very much


I had a similar problem then I found that it was related to custom javascript code that was calling __dopostback

I had a smiliar problem too. I found that It didnt like my hidden input.

<input type="hidden" name="action" ID="action" value="" />

Once i deleted that everything was fine!

I found out that when removing the following line

<xhtmlConformance mode="Legacy"/>

from web.config , UpdatePanels work like they should

this did not occur in Atlas CTPs, but in AJAX final release...

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