Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Partial Postback looks like Full Postback


my page has some databound controls (gridview, detailsview) and some ajax controls (dropdownextender, modalpopup) and everything works quite normal. On postback, my page renders partially showing a nice updateprogress-box.

But when i place a simple asp:DropDown into the contenttemplate of my updatepanel, everything dissapears on postback, and it seems that the browser is rendering the whole page.

I was not successfull to reproduce this behaviour with a little testpage, and i wont trouble you with posting the whole code. Anyway, i hope anyone can help me to solve this.


Hello Holger,

I am too facing this problem. Some time my page is full post back and some time not.
But every time it disappers the dropdowm and show it again .

Did you solve the problem.


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