Sunday, March 11, 2012

Passing Data from one tab to another tab

i will give the code in C#.

suppose u r storing name of a person from a TextBox1 in one tab:

Session.Add("name", TextBox1.Text);

when u need to get the value to TextBox2 in another tab:

TextBox2.Text = Session["name"].ToString();

notice the square brackets when u have to read values from Session object

use this bit of code in the tab selection code .

"name" can be anything, think of it as a variable name but in quotes.

i hope this helps



I am needing to pass information from data entered in a Textbox to another tab Textbox when the user changes tabs.

I have the Textbox on change writting to session.item, but I can't the textbox on the next tab to get this data.

Anyone have any sample code?

Why do u not set the other textbox in the change handler for the textbox, like u write to session.item?

If you provide us with your code, it will be an easy task to get you in the right direction.


Sub TxtCompName_TextChanged(ByVal senderAsObject,ByVal eAs System.EventArgs)Handles txtCompName.TextChanged


"ComputerName") = txtCompName.Text

That is what I have on the first tab, when the textbox is changed. But I can't get that value in the checkbox on the other tab. I tried putting code in the page load, but that didn't work.

Thank you for the replies. I will try these suggestions and post my results.

Hi There,

Since theer is no post back flicking between Tabs you have to do this with JavaScript. Do something like this.


Ajax:TabContainerID="TabContainer"runat="server"OnClientActiveTabChanged="ActiveTabChanged"><scripttype="text/javascript">function ActiveTabChanged(sender, e) {

TextBoxInTab2.value = TextBoxInTab1.value ;



Hope this works for you!

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