Sunday, March 11, 2012

partian page rendering problem

Do you mean to different .aspx page? If your pages are using a master page, they will still load that page each time you go to another page. Masterpages aren't going to act as a frameset would, it only allows you to change one page and have it applied to each page that uses that masterpage.

ok if i use iframe i can do the thing that i want but, how i can navigate to a iframe in codebehind, what i can do? can you write to me a litle example because i am realy newbe.

thank you.

I haven't really done much with iframes since we just use masterpages the regular way. The closest thing to that is that we have had pages that may read an html file and put the code in a <div> tag on the page or set the html as the html in the radEditor by telerik that we use.

if you want to go back from a popup

string url ="menus/menuhistoria.aspx?valor=" +this.GridView2.Rows[this.GridView2.SelectedIndex].Cells[1].Text +"&sta=PN";

string frameScript ="<script language='JavaScript'>" +

"parent.opener.frames['menu'].location='" + url +"';</script>";

Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Page.GetType(),"FrameScript", frameScript);

and i use this if the iframes are in the same level


"contenido"].location ="../../Area_de_trabajo/Resultados_Acciones/result1.aspx?value=" + node.Text;

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