Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Partial refreshing problem with masterpage

Hi, everyone, I add a scriptmanager before updatepanel and updatepanel contatins only contentplaceholder in masterpage, but partial refreshing never takes action in ie6, each time I click, it postback whole page, I don't know why? To solve the problem I have add another updatepanel(contains a button and lablel) in masterpage, in that updatepanel partial refreshing works, but why if for contentplaceholder it doesn't work?

I am sure scriptmanager's partialrendering property is "true" . and I don't have a xhtmlConformance section in my web.config file.

I have searched some posts on this forum, but their problem seems does not fit for mine.

waiting for your answers


Hello ,

Plz try the following url,it may not be the exact solution but it can direct u to the solution,1895,1945460,00.asp

Hi,I found that in my project, Hyperlink in UpdatePanel can not support partial refreshing, while I setup another simple website, in its UpdatePanel, HyperLink can support partial refreshing, their environment is almost same. but Have different results, why?

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