Wednesday, March 21, 2012

partial postback does not occur but the whole page gets reloaded

Hello coders,

I got a problem with my updatepanel.
I have a dynamic datagrid with a delete button. When i press the delete button
the partial postback occurs. ALL THIS WORKS FINE.

However i also have a Textbox in the same datagrid.
When i change the value in the Textbox a callback is generated.
The partial postback does not occur but the whole page gets reloaded.
This is not what i want.

So what is the diference between these two?

I will post a simplified version of my code:

'------<asp:UpdatePanel ID="udpWinkelwagen" runat="server"> <ContentTemplate> <asp:PlaceHolder ID="phWinkelwagen" runat="server" ></asp:PlaceHolder> </ContentTemplate></asp:UpdatePanel>'------ dgWinkelwagen =New DataGrid dgWinkelwagen.AutoGenerateColumns =False dgWinkelwagen.ShowFooter =True dgWinkelwagen.DataSource = ds.Tables(0) ...'TextField tempCol =New TemplateColumn tempCol.HeaderText = myDB.LeesVeld(myDB.haalViewOp("web_WinkelwagenText","quantity", taal),"Text") tempCol.ItemTemplate =New DynamicItemTemplateTextBox(Me.Page, bestelnr, taal) dgWinkelwagen.Columns.Add(tempCol)'delete button strConrirm = myDB.LeesVeld(myDB.haalViewOp("web_WinkelwagenText","confirmDelete", taal),"omschrijving") tempCol =New TemplateColumn tempCol.ItemStyle.HorizontalAlign = HorizontalAlign.Center tempCol.HeaderText ="" tempCol.ItemTemplate =New DynamicItemTemplateDeleteButton(bestelnr, strConrirm,Me.Page) dgWinkelwagen.Columns.Add(tempCol) dgWinkelwagen.DataBind()' add to placeholder on page phWinkelwagen.Controls.Add(dgWinkelwagen)'------Public Class DynamicItemTemplateTextBoxImplements ITemplateDim ds, dsProcAs DataSetDim myDBAs DB =New DBDim myHulpAs HulpFuncties =New HulpFunctiesDim myOrbisAs OrbisTaskCentre =New OrbisTaskCentreDim myWebshopAs webshopFuncties =New webshopFunctiesDim taalAs String Dim btnSave, txtSave, strAlert, titel, omschrijvingAs String Dim artikel, bestelnr, errorTextAs String Dim myPageAs PageDim aantalAs Double Sub New(ByVal pAs Page,ByVal bestnrAs String,ByVal taalcodeAs String) myPage = p bestelnr = bestnr taal = taalcodeEnd Sub Public Sub InstantiateIn(ByVal containerAs Control)Implements ITemplate.InstantiateInDim txtAantalAs TextBox =New TextBox() txtAantal.AutoPostBack =True txtAantal.Width ="38" txtAantal.MaxLength ="4"AddHandler txtAantal.TextChanged,AddressOf Me.changeValue container.Controls.Add(txtAantal)End Sub Public Sub changeValue(ByVal senderAs Object,ByVal eAs EventArgs)CType(myPage.Master, masterMethods).updateCart()CType(myPage.Page, winkelwagenMethods).updateGrid()End SubEnd Class'------Public Class DynamicItemTemplateDeleteButtonImplements ITemplateDim artnr, txtAantal, btnDelete, strConfirm, omschrijving, strAlertAs String Dim myDbAs DB =New DBDim dsProcAs DataSetDim bestelnrAs Integer Dim mypageAs PageSub New(ByVal _bestelnrAs Integer,ByVal confirmAs String,ByVal _pageAs Page) strConfirm = confirm bestelnr = _bestelnr mypage = _pageEnd Sub Public Sub InstantiateIn(ByVal containerAs Control)Implements ITemplate.InstantiateInDim imgBtnDelAs ImageButton =New ImageButton() imgBtnDel.ImageUrl ="~/images/remove.gif"AddHandler imgBtnDel.Click,AddressOf Me.DeleteArtikel container.Controls.Add(imgBtnDel)End Sub Public Sub DeleteArtikel(ByVal senderAs Object,ByVal eAs ImageClickEventArgs) artnr =CType(CType(sender, ImageButton).Parent.Parent.Controls(1).Controls(0), Label).TextDim parameters1()As String = {bestelnr, artnr} dsProc = myDb.startProcedure("web_winkelwagen_artikel_delete", parameters1)CType(mypage.Master, masterMethods).updateCart()CType(mypage.Page, winkelwagenMethods).updateGrid()End SubEnd Class


can you builkd a simple demo page that reproduces the app and put it here so that we can simply copy/paste it into vs?

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