Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Partial Page update using MenuItem and Ajax

Hello friends,

I am a new comer in your world.

I want to implement ajax in my site. My site has one default.aspx page. I use master page. In the master page there is a Menu.

I have a ContentPlaceHolder in Master page which is used in the default.aspx page. In the Menu each MenuItem has a NavigationUrl like

~/default.aspx?cid=. In the Page_load of default page i get the value of (cid) and load the (ascx) control in the PlaceHolder. And, as u know

the total page gives a PostBack I want to implement AJAX here. So that when a menu will be clicked only the Content of the PlaceHolder will

be updated. Hope i can make u understand !

Can any one help me with a guiding example......

To do something like that, an UpdatePanel isn't your best choice. You can use something like an IFRAME ( or CSS to make the header static (see; a cool layout is


Check it out:

Sorry I didn't read your post correctly... I mentally skipped over the ASCX and saw ASPX. :) My previous post was based on that...

Sorry again,

Sorry to reply late friends..

Thank u Kazi....

It worked fine....

Would you pls mark it as answer.

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