Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Partial Page rendering Issues with AJAX 1.0

The partial page rendering is not working on the new release.Is anybody facing the same problem? what could be the reason ?

The EnablePartialRendering property is by default true. inspite of explicitly setting it to true also, the partial page rendering seems to be not working.

The parial rendering works fine in the RTM of ASP.Net Ajax 1.0, I have no problem with it. Can you be more specific what you are doing, maybe show some code, because if you have a ScriptManager on the page and not turn off partial rendering, it should work, but it depends on what attribute you have enabled on th UpdatePanel and how you use it etc. By default if you drag out a ScriptManager and UpdatePanel, the UpdatePanels content will be updated when a control inside the UpdatePanel do a postback (depends if you have several child controls etc inside the updatepanel, in that case it may not always be an update).

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