Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Partial page refresh on master pages


I need some help. I'm working on a web site and i'm having problems to avoid a full page refresh when i navigate across the site using a menu control.

I use a master page to define the main aspect of my site. On the master page i placed a menu control and i want to refresh only the content place holder with the content page each time the user click on a menu item. I' ve tried to do this with ajax but until now, no luck.

If someone have a clue on how to do this i would very much appreciate it..Big Smile

Master pages are not frames...each time you click a link, you are on a new page, and the masterpage just gives it the same look. The only way that I have heard of to do that is with iFrames or having one page and load all your pages as user controls, although both methods are rather hacky.

I've alse tried to use iframes inside the master page and set the target property on the menu control to the iframe, but instead of loading the content page inside the iframe it opens a new window.

I placed the iframe within the content place holder on the master page. Maybe its not the right place to put it.

I think that you may need to do it on an aspx page, and all the pages you go to from there would need to not have a master page. Actually if you are doing it that way, you may not even need a master page. You could probably have a page that looks like the master page, but has an iFrame where the content template would be. I am not completely sure if that would work correctly though because we don't worry about that much though because most our pages act as separate applications, so there is not a lot of switching pages. Postbacks can also serve as a way for the user to see that they are going somewhere else, which works the way our site is, but may or may not for you.

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