Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Partial Page loading using webpart


sorry for posting again about almost the same topic, but i think i described my question in a wrong way:

I want to have a partial loading of my page - the main content is displayed immediately, while i call some external REST web service, wait for the results and display them as soon as they are ready. Since I want to add this functionality in many places, I need to create a web part. Can you help me how to implement the following:

- a web part that is able to display the results of an asynchronously called rest web service while the rest of the page is already finished

- during the function call, a waiting animation should be displayed

The important thing is that the function call has to be triggered during the page load, not by a button or something on the client side.

I already implemented the thing above using updatepanel, updateprogress, and timer. That works great, but only outside a web part :-(

Can you help me?

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Web Part inside Update Panle is not suppored for partial postback.

See the more details


the web part is not inside an update panel but itself contains one...

Can you post some code details..

So it will be more helpful to me & others to solve the problem.

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