Saturday, March 24, 2012

Painting and mouse events in asp .net


I want to make a control like paint in windows by using Atlas. So I must to handle the mouse events in asp .net and can use Atlas. Do you have any knowledge or document about this? I could not find enough information until now. And for painting,is there any control or property in Atlas and AtlasControlToolkit

You'd be better off using Macromedia Flash for something like that.
Is not there any solution by using .NET?
Not really usingASP .NET, which is designed for web applications. What you want to achieve sounds far more suited to a stand-alone Windows forms application. You could use the .NET framework for that. I think you need to realise that web applications, that run on a remote server and support many clients via a browser, differ greatly from Windows client programs, that run on a location machine. The only way you can capture mouse events in ANY web application, written in any language, is via JavaScript or using browser-plugins (like Flash or ActiveX controls). Javascript, however, runs on the client and cannot easily talk back to the server were your .NET application is running. You can perhaps look at Ajax, but this would probably be too advanced, I think.

Hello,Thank you.

Is not there any solution by using Atlas. And what do you think about transfering sound. For example for a chat program which is prepared by asp .net, users can communicate by voice not only keyboards. Can you help me about

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