Saturday, March 24, 2012

Paging inside popup

First of all, congratulations for the good job done so far with atlas control toolkit.

Going strict, i have this on my code:

<page stuf... grids, buttons, etc... />
<Panel (for modal popup)>
<textbox to receive result from popup />
<button to involke popup />
</Panel (for modal popup>
<Panel (for popup)>
<GridView with paging />
</Panel (for popup)>
everything is working just perfectly, but when page changes and DataBind is involked page reloads and go out of modal mode.

Paging is working... if i browse into the textbox that involkes the popup, the grid inside is in new page.

I've browsed this forum for answers but haven't found so far...


Any ideas? cause i got none :)


Felipe Oquendo

I'll try to be more specific.

if i have a gridview inside a popup and this popup inside a modal popup, can i use paging for gridview? cause when i do it, the whole page reloads and modal state goes off...


Felipe Oquendo

I think it is because the elements inside the update panel is refreshing. I would try changing the position of the update panel like so:

<asp:panel id="modalpopup" runat="server">

<atlas:updatepanel id="p1" runat="server">

<your grid here>

<your paging controls here>



You have the update panel wrapping everything, including the popup panel, if I'm not mistaken. Only wrap what needs updating via postback (like the gridview and the buttons)

You can even break out your paging buttons into their own update panels and use trigger on the gridview update panel.

I just posted that i didn't have a solution in another thread but BANG! it worked...

I'll need to study the engine i guess... the development is not yet that transparent and the concepts are not well defined...

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