Saturday, March 24, 2012

Paging gridview inside ATLAS tabcontrol

Hi, I have a dynamicly generated gridview control, inside a dynamically generated tab control. I am having trouble paging the gridview. I get a viewstate corrupted error message at the moment. My page setup is something like this:

Inside the page object, I have an update panel.

Inside the update panel, I have a tab container.

Inside the tab container, I have a number of tabs decided dynamically on page load. There will always be one tab, which doesnt contain a gridview, but there can be other tabs, each containing just a single control, a pageable gridview.

I suspect the fix involves wrapping the gridview in another update panel, which is inside the tab object itself, and triggering the update event for the panel when it needs to page.

Can anyone give me some advice, let me know if I am along the right lines?

Many thanks, Andrew Jones

please take alook at this:

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