Saturday, March 24, 2012

Paging Bullet List Extender

I am trying to use PagingBulletedListExtender in my Project (VS 2005). When I used the demo data which was around 500 records it was working fine. But now when I have tried to connect bullet list control with more than 13000 records it has hanged. I am not surprised with this as I understand that this is a huge amount of data and no matter what application will hang. I wish there could be some way where we can get only that data which is required. One of the problem with Paging bullet list control is that the header bullet (A - B-C-D-E...) doesn't get generated till thhe time there is no corresponding data (which is a good thing in other sense). We solved this problem by getting all the records for first bullet and one record for rest of the bullet points, so this way we have specific amount of data. But I was surprised after that I could not find any other event which gets called when user has clicked the header bullet that is A-B-C-D-E-F-G........ If I could find this event I can always pass the bullet which user has user clicked and get the rest of the data. There is click event which is fired when we click any of the items in the bullet list control.

The only solution to my problem which I thought was to create two bullet controls. One for showing the alphabets and another for showing the data. I do not require the Paging Bullet control now. But I am really surprised that there is no event related to this or may be I was not able to find it. No I have to re-do this part again.

It would be really great if there is a event and some one can suggest that OR for the next version we can add this event.



Hi Archna,

Please create an item for this feature requesthere. So that it can be noticed by our product group.

Please also post the item's URL in this thread so that it may help others. Thanks.

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