Saturday, March 24, 2012

Paging and Sorting in GridView April CTP


This start happing only after I upgraded to April release, with March release there was no problem.

I'm using updatepanel and gridview and have a ObjectDataSource which get some QueryStringParameter from the Request. When I'm trying to sort the gridview I'm getting a javascript error saying "Value cannot be null. Parameter name: error.

When trying to debug it I found that when sorting, the request URL got changed, and for example if the URL was :

It got changed to :

Any thoughts?




I found the cause of the problem.

When ever there is a parameter in the URL that has \ like: &to=4\1\2006&..

Atlas April CTP is going crazy... and can't handle that. I have changed my date format to 4_1_2006 etc. and it's working, but still it's kind of a big deal.

Can any one confirm it's a known bug?



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